Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hollywood Half Marathon BEST BAND Competition

It has been one month and we are back from the Hollywood Half to see what bands you remember, and enjoyed the most!

Join us in voting for the BEST BAND of the Hollywood Half Marathon and cast your vote today!

Here is what the bands have to say about their experience!

Carnival Seasons: Our performance was awesome while it lasted. Around the hour and a half mark the police came and shut us down due to complaints from the locals who were trying to sleep, which we obliged to easily. We had a great time it was a fun experience, and the people who saw us were all very surprised with us. We performed on Hollywood Blvd and Wilton Pl.  We gave it our all though and with all people asking us what happened to the music made us feel that they really liked us!

Down South Mambas: We had a blast playing on Santa Monica and Vermont. We were at the turn around portion and we could see the joy and realness from all the runners. Hope the runners liked us because we certainly loved playing for them.

Attic Empire: The event was a blast! Had a great time playing out in the street and, even at the finish line, the runners brought great energy!

Cats With Class: The Cats with Class had a great time at the Palladium. We played a set of original and cover jazz, on a stage to be dreamed of, and even had a chance to appear on NBC :D.  We especially enjoyed the impromptu dance routines by some of the vendors at the foot of the stage, as well as Mr. Jones's enthusiastic "Guacamole's" as we finished out the set. Remember, "GUACAMOLE ALL NIGHT LONG!" 

The Blues: Playing the Hollywood Half Marathon was a great experience.  It made us happy seeing the runners recognize the Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Eagles and Queen songs we covered.  Sure we had some people complain about how loud the music was, but the look on the runners' faces of excitement made it all the worthwhile.

Final Notice: On behalf of our band Final Notice, we would like to thank the Hollywood Half Marathon directors/staff and event coordinators for the opportunity to perform at your event. Final Notice performed on the corner of Hollywood Blvd and Bronson where they rocked out all the classic rock songs from artists such as Van Halen, AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, etc...

Franco Funktion: Our station was on the intersection of Hollywood and Western our performance included Bands Bear Lincoln and Franco Funktion. We really enjoyed playing here because we felt that the runners fueled off of our creativity while we fueled there desire to make it to the finish line.

Panoramic: We are Panoramic! We were supposed to play along the racetrack, but after being denied access to our position, ended up playing on the Walk of Stars just past the finish line! We had an incredible time and are very grateful for this opportunity!

Joseph Anthony: My performance at the Hollywood Palladium & Hollywood Half Marathon was truly an amazing experience! An opportunity that that I am extremely grateful for! I can literally feel the intensity from the runners at the start line as I was performing before the race. It was a feeling that I can't explain, you just had to be in my shoes. Overall the events were a pleasure to be apart and I would definitely do it all again in a second.

Thank You to everybody at Superhero Events, The Palladium, & The Hollywood Half Marathon.

Stars At Night: Star At Night performed at Mile 11 on Hollywood & Gower with one goal in mind. Our goal was to keep the moral of the runners up and pumping. It was a phenomenal feeling performing as we watched a sea of people so excited, full of energy and passionate about what they set out to achieve. The runners really gave us a rush of energy which we wanted to give back by cheering them on. We made a promise not to stop till they all made it to the end and it seems we all accomplished our goals that day. It was simply exhilarating. Thank you to all the runners and the Hollywood Half Marathon.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Costume Party Run Best Band Contest!

You came, you dressed up, you ran.  What makes running 13.1 miles in costume just a tad bit easier?  Having great bands along the way - and that we did!  Which band got your running shoes moving?  Which band kept you going and made you wanting more?  Cast your vote for the Best Band of the Costume Party Run!

Cast your vote using the survey at the right top of the page.  You can only choose one band so choose wisely!  Can't remember who was who?  Here are your choices:

Zephyris was most likely the reggae type band that you heard first.  They were groovin' right before the first parking lot loop.  Listen to them now.

Boondock Brothers rocked your socks off in the second parking lot loop.  Wish you could hear them again?  You can by clicking here!

Ghost in Pocket picked you up and sang you home to the finish line.  They were the last band you saw before you headed down the home stretch.  Jog (get it?  ha, ha) your memory by listening to one of their songs.

King Legend were heard loud and clear up and down Friars Road.  They had a lot of road to cover and they did it well with their rockin' tunes!  Does this sound familiar?

Now that you have relived all the great music entertainment from the Costume Party Run, it is time to cast your vote for your personal favorite!  Don't wait - the contest ends Sunday, July 14th and noon.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Costume Party Run: Preparing For the Biggest Bling of Your Life

The moment you have been waiting for is just days away. Costumes, comedy, craziness, and the BIGGEST BLING around is waiting for you. Are you ready?
By now you should have completed your longest “long run."   Continue with your regular running program but there is no point in trying to squeeze in one last long run.  Your body will not benefit much and it will cause more stress on your body the necessary.  You have trained, gotten those miles in, and now it is time to relax! This week should be all about winding down and saving your energy for the big event. With the summer heat, is it crucial that you don't over do it. 
Do some mental preparations this week as well.  Start chanting your mantra, get those tunes on your iPod and keep that goal in mind. Be sure to look over the course and all of the race day details so that the day before and morning of can be spent stress free.

Carbohydrate intake should actually begin Wednesday or Thursday.  It is fun to carb load the day before but your body will benefit more if you start increasing your carbs days before the race and not the night before. Aim to increase your carbs by 60-70% and that doesn’t mean with beer which brings me to my next topic.

Keep your body hydrated.  This is one of the most important details especially with the summer heat. Drink plenty of water this week and try to avoid excess amounts of coffee, tea, and alcohol.  If you are planning on bringing a sport drink with you, experiment now so that you don’t have any upset tummy surprises on race day. 
Test run any of your new gear or apparel.  You have a costume, a new hat, hydration belt, etc. wear them during one of your easy runs this week.  You don’t want any surprises or wardrobe malfunctions while you are out on the course. If you don't want to go jogging around your neighborhood in your tights and cape (I don't blame you,) give it a test run on a treadmill.

Have a great week and try to contain your excitement for the big weekend!  We can't wait to see you in San Diego and look forward to giving you all the laughs, wackiness, and bling that you can handle.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer Has Arrived - Be A Smart Runner

Summer is officially here! Summer has always been one of my favorite running seasons. The crisp, cool mornings and the balmy evenings make for great runs. With more daylight, it is easier to stay consistent with running without being confined to the gym or treadmill.

Runners are tough. I think the we are some of the toughest breed around. Most of us constantly push ourselves and our bodies. Whether our goal is to run a 5K, a marathon, or simply to stay fit, we are diligent and committed. I think the fact that running after a few days off can be miserable is part of why we push through. We therefore find ourselves trying to run through sickness, exhaustion, heat, and injury.

Cross-training can be fun and a great alternative to running! Walking, swimming, biking, and hiking can all be alternatives to running. All allow you to be outdoors and can offer the same cardio workout that running provides. Many of these alternatives are challenging and work other parts of your body. A stronger body all around, makes us better at running. Let's not forget that when injured or unable to run, there are other choices waiting for us. So mix it up and keep it that way. Continue to walk, swim and bike even when you can return to running. Your body will thank you for it.

Listen to your body! It is so common for us to push through discomfort and pain. When we feel pain, our body is trying to tell us something. Many of us have learned the lesson that when we ignore injury, we end up getting sidelined even longer. When feeling those nagging pains, put the running shoes aside and pick something else to do, or better yet, just rest!

For anyone who has been inured, it is humbling to get back out there after being sidelined for week or months. In fact, I am convinced that runners are so persistent with training because they know how difficult it can be to build up a strong running base. But running is not always the only option.

Be a smart runner and listen to yourself. A couple days rest is better than months on the sideline!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Celebrate National Running Day With Superhero Discounts

How will you be celebrating National Running Day on June 5th? Going on a long run?  Running with a family member?  How about signing up for some of the funnest races around!  Now is your chance to get a superhero discount! Can't decide which race to run?  May we suggest you run them all?

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Costume Party Run - Do You Really Wear A Costume?

Check out for the Do's and Don'ts of the Costume Party Run. Is it really cool to dress up? See what Marshmallow Man thinks.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Costume Party Run...Hidden Hills?

Are you wondering if the course for the Costume Party Run is flat?  Hot Dog Man will tell you!